SimSym Reality

Simulated Symbiotic (SimSym) Reality is an Augmented Intelligent (AI) reality based on The Symbiotic Matrix that is inhabited with versions of users’ minds, called SimSym Buddies. A SimSym Buddy works on behalf of a user, offering advice, to make good decisions, and have a good life.

SimSym is not Artificial Intelligence, but Augmented Intelligence, which means it is operates in reality, so it is populated with a user’s life, with its friends, family, and enemies, as well as possible allies that haven’t been discovered yet, failures and solutions, and successes and futures.

SimSym can be completely private, or completely public, with variations in between offering differing benefits. Completely private means a Buddy views the outside world of a user only. Less privacy means a Buddy interacts with Other Buddies, like a partner’s Buddy.

At a Group level, all of a Group’s Buddies interact. This offers no privacy, unless the group has a specific task, like work, but offers incredible benefits in finding creative solutions to old and new problems, even anticipating problems and drawing new value. 

The basis of SimSym also serves as a foundation for Enlightenment, and it is hoped that many will choose Enlightenment, but in the meantime, SimSym provides some benefits of Enlightenment to a user, without the work needed to reach Enlightenment.

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